Olympic Skaters – from Greenwich

  On February 9th, the Winter Olympics started this year in Pyeongchang. We know that the olympic events have passed, but there have been many outstanding American athletes performing in the ice dancing and skating competitions, including Nathan Chen, Alex Shibutani, and Maia Shibutani.  We want to share their talents with you! Nathan Chen is… Read More

Water Polo: Coming to Sacred Heart?

Is Water Polo coming to Sacred Heart?  Maybe … you can help make it happen! Have you ever wanted to play a sport at school but you realized that they didn’t offer it? Were you bummed or upset? Well, Rory Keller was when she understood that Sacred Heart didn’t offer water polo. She wants Sacred… Read More

Tiger Tipster weighs in on Four Square!

Dear Tiger Tipster! I am noticing that classmates of mine are getting their feelings hurt by the way some students play the recess game, four square. There are students who play too roughly, unfairly and show favoritism. Do you have any suggestions for what I can do to make four square fun and enjoyable, like… Read More

Fall Sports Finale

The 2016 Sacred Heart Greenwich fall sports season was an amazing experience. “I really enjoyed the coaches,” said Kate Nemec. “I loved meeting people from different grades and bonding with them,” said Saylor Murray. Throughout the fall season tennis, soccer, field hockey, volleyball and cross country were a blast. At every game you could feel… Read More