Robotics – Into Orbit

“Ok,  we just need to code a turn into the program and it should work,”  and “ Yes! We got it in…now lets see if we can get it to work again,” are almost always heard after school on Thursdays in the makerspace for Robotics. At the Thursday Robotics group it’s always so fun to… Read More

Exploring DNA at Cold Spring Harbor Lab

On Thursday, January 17th, the sixth grade students traveled to the DNA Learning Center of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory which is located in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. During the field trip, the girls worked with educators at this facility on three exciting activities.     During one of the activities, the girls learned about… Read More

Stop the Hate!

Bullying is wrong and hurtful! Why do kids bully kids? Teasing harms people and can be stopped. Bullying can make you sad and embarrassed. Most importantly, bullying can make you doubt yourself. Usually kids get bullied where there are less teachers or adults. Being hurt by a bully can make you rattled. There are many… Read More

Watch that Scene!

News from the theater workshop: Rehearsals and set production for the middle school’s winter musical performance of “James and the giant Peach Jr.” are well under way and everyone is looking forward to the January  performances. The scene painting artists are rocking it this year! From seascapes to cityscapes to landscapes the set designers can… Read More

Al’s Angels Toy Drive

All the gifts are gone….! Al’ Angels toy drive was a huge success this year – we finished with an amazing 363 gifts today! Totals are as follows (with gifts per person too!) 5th Grade – 34 ( 0.89) 6th Grade –  130 (2) 7th Grade – 100 (1.3) 8th Grade – 99 (1.43) Congrats to… Read More

Space Inspiration

On Monday, October 29, astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson visited Sacred Heart. As a young women growing up in a time where women have many more opportunities than in the past, hearing her speak was an amazing experience. Dr. Whitson, who was the first female commander of the International Space Station, holds the record for most… Read More

A Saint that I Admire

This past year, Sacred Heart schools throughout the United States have been celebrating the bicentennial (200 years) of Sacred Heart education.  A French woman who was a Religious of the Sacred Heart, named Rose Philippine Duchesne, crossed the ocean 200 years ago to bring the love of the heart of Jesus to the “new world.” … Read More

A Passion for…. Elephants

Did you know seventh grader Ellie Tiedeman has adopted an elephant?  She shared her passion for elephants at our last Middle School Gathering and we learned a lot about this endangered species. Here’s what Ellie shared with us: “I have always loved animals, but elephants have always been my favorite. They are such gentle, sweet… Read More

Cats & Kittens!!

Are you looking for an animal to adopt? Do you want an animal you can cuddle with? Do you want a playful animal? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then a cat or kitten if the perfect animal for you! Some people don’t like cats because they scratch and bite. But that… Read More

Meet Mrs. Nystedt!

Mrs. Nystedt is our new Technology teacher at Sacred Heart. Did you know that she lived in Washington D.C. for eight years, four years in London and lived in upstate New York for two years? Another fun fact is that she loves downhill skiing. I really like having her help us in robotics. She teaches… Read More

New Speech + Debate Team!

This year Ms. Haas has started a Speech and Debate team that could teach you things that you can use for the rest of your life. Are there fun things and activities to do? Ms. Haas says “Yes! A lot! During Speech and Debate you learn to express thoughts, build strong arguments, use evidence, write… Read More

Adopt a Vancouver Island Marmot!

These cute little Vancouver Island Marmots are endangered! Marmots have been the cute members of the sciuridae family for a very long time. But they are almost extinct! They are one of the five most endangered species animals in all of Canada.   The Marmots are a part of the Animalia Kingdom. They are also… Read More

March For Our Lives

Never Again is an organization, led by children and teens, that is determined to fight for stronger gun control laws in the United States. Compared to other countries, gun homicides in the United States are sky high. Recently, there was a shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida on February 14, in which 17 students… Read More

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is a competition between group of students who problem solve and then perform their idea while team building and being creative. Each season has a theme  and each team is given a list of problems that need solving. The teams get to choose what they want to do, and they can… Read More

Rain Reign Review

Rain Reign, by Ann M. Martin, is an interesting, well-written, and amazing book. A young girl named Rose has autism, but is very smart. Rose loves homophones (she calls them homonyms). She lives with her dad because her mom is gone. Her dad is not a good man and his father (her grandpa) is even… Read More